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V ideo is the fastest growing marketing tool for practically every business. Visually appealing video captures the customer’s attention and adds an enormous amount of credibility to your website. Whether promoting, demonstrating, or explaining there are many ways to incorporate video into your website. Business video presentations, wedding video CDs, videos on the Internet, DVDs, video advertisements, birthday party videos, graduation party videos - these are just a few examples of what we can do for you.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos about your products and services not only capture the attention of your potential customers but the also tremendously add to the credibility of your company.

Transparent (Green screen) Video

With our ability to “green screen” we are able to offer you an exciting option to your on camera customer presentations. In lieu sitting in a pre-staged room you can be “green screened” allowing you to ad the background visuals such as text, moving images, or even no background at all.

We offer turn key solutions that include:

  • creative ideas
  • filming
  • creation
  • editing
  • media production including (Video CD, DVD, Flash video, internet video).
Our most requested service are creating video presentations for Wedding Vendors, and transparent (green screen) video for their websites.

Voice and Actor Talent available:

If you are looking to take your website to the next level through the use of Professional Voice-overs and on camera talent we can help. Often when we ask people about appearing on camera or doing a voice track for their product we run into a wall of resistance. This is completely understandable. The fact is, not everyone is eager to jump in front of a camera or get on a microphone. What’s more is that deciding what do and say can be even more difficult. This is where we come in! Our qualified talent will take the stress off your hands and bring your website to life.
    We offer:
  • On-camera talent
  • Voice-over talent
  • Product / service script writing

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